Excalibur – What’s Next

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There are many benefits for our customers and for us associated with developing Excalibur Plumeria Fertilizer.

  1. We use Excalibur on all of our plumerias
  2. We specialize in Plumeria and for over 35 years have been growing our own plants at Florida Colors Nursery, so every day we are working with thousands in the ground and in all size pots.
  3. We know what results to expect from Excalibur’s ingredients
  4. We have the knowledge necessary to determine how Excalibur is performing on our plumeria
  5. We communicate with a large customer base for additional input about their needs and how Excalibur is performing for them
  6. We have the knowledge and resources to make a change to Excalibur’s formula as we determine needs and as technology advances.

Excalibur has been performing beyond our expectations and has proven to be, by far, the best plumeria fertilizer on the market.

Improving Excalibur has been a process of analyzing shortcomings and strong points related to plumeria. Over the past 5 years, we have made small changes to improve Excalibur’s performance and reliability. We will continue to experiment with ways to improve Excalibur and make it even better for your plumeria.

Feedback from our users, data we’ve collected from experiments, advances in nutrient performance and enhanced distribution techniques have allowed us to take Excalibur to the next generation of Plumeria Fertilizer. We have to finalize our most significant changes to Excalibur to date and will be turning it over to manufacturing early 2019.

In 2019 we introduced significant improvements to Excalibur VI 11-11-14 and IX 11-11-13 and added Boron, a new blend of Excalibur to help plumeria growers living in regions with extreme growing conditions such as Arizona and the Deserts of California.