Category: Plumeria by Growing Habits

Florida Colors Nursery has plumeria plants ranging from dwarfs to large growing trees. When choosing a Plumeria tree always consider it’s growing habit.

NOTE: Plumeria tree growing habits used on this site are for comparison to other plumeria growing under similar conditions.

Growth habits may vary depending on:

  • the frequency and type of fertilizers used
  • the quality of soil
  • growing in different size containers or in ground
  • watering frequency
  • length of growing season
  • daily exposure to sun
  • where you are located
  • and other factors.

Royal Silk JJ Plumeria

Jungle Jack Collection

$156.00 - $195.00 $100.00 - $125.00


Vivace Plumeria

Plumeria grown from seed by Florida Colors Nursery

$52.00 - $65.00


Spellbound JJ Plumeria (Out of Stock)

Jungle Jack Collection

$64.00 - $80.00