Fertilizer and Nutrient Package – 20 ozs Excalibur, 1 lit Bioblast, Root Activator, Vitazyme (Out of Stock)

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Product Description

Fertilizer and Nutrient Package – Excalibur Plumeria Fertilizer, Bioblast, Root Activator, Vitazyme:

We’ve put this package together for the beginning of the season to help give your plumeria a kick start in spring (See the Plumeria Care Regimen we use). All the product are great for plumeria seedlings. (See Guide to Growing Plumeria from Seed on PlumeriaSeeds.com) It contains everything you need to keep you plumeria healthy.

Items Included:

  • Excalibur Plumeria Fertilizer VI 11-11-14 with micronutrients – (6 month controlled release) 1 – 4lb. resealable bag. For more info…Why Excalibur?
  • Bioblast 7-7-7 with micronutrients & more – 1, 1 liter bottle. For more info…Why Bioblast?
  • Carl Pool’s Root Activator – 1, 1 Liter bottle…Why Root Activator?
  • Vitazyme – 1, 1 liter bottle. Biostimulant, Vitamins & more. For more info…Why Vitazyme?

Check out the Plumeria Care Regimen Florida Colors Nursery Uses.

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  • Weight: 16 lb
  • Width: 6 in
  • Depth: 24 in
  • Height: 6 in

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